Creative Commons Scheiben 2013 – Nur Links, kein Bla

Das ist ja nun fast wirklich um, daher hier nochmals alle Links zu den Scheiben, welche ich dieses Jahr am meisten gehört habe (keine Wertung in der dargestellten Reihenfolge):

Dancesoldatcrew-compilation (2008) by Deflone (#jamendo)
The Mission by Jim Twenty (#jamendo)
Back to Mudd by Scoldt (#jamendo)
This Is Old by State Shirt (#jamendo)
Flyentists by Screenatorium (#jamendo)
Monument by Shearer (#jamendo)
Schwarmintelligenz by Anne Tanke (#jamendo)
Bewegt euch by Freibeuter AG (#jamendo)
Punkverräter by Das frivole Burgfräulein (#jamendo)
Down in the City by Houdini Roadshow (#jamendo)
8-Bit Empire by Ozzed (#jamendo)
Abrissar by Kesakoo (#jamendo)
Story of Ohm by paniq (#jamendo)
Nordland by Binärpilot (#jamendo)
Digital Memories by LukHash (#jamendo)
Showview by The Unjerks (#jamendo)
The shepherd hates us von Boxing Fox (#jamendo)
Welcome Yuppie Scum  by SFH (#jamendo)
OMG! It’s A Party by Midi Chips (#jamendo)
That ain´t ska! by Ska and Pipes (#jamendo)

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  1. George says:

    Your list can’t be anywhere near correct. First, the fact that it’s all Jamendo completely ignores the fact that there are tons of other places that Creative Commons music is released (BandCamp, BlocSonic, SonicSquirrel, BFWReocrds, and artists individual websites: Paul and Storm, Brad Sucks, Jonathon Coulton, etc.)

    Second, even for a list of releases on Jamendo, I can look a their top list and see that your numbers aren’t close. For example:

    pornophonique’s 8-bit lagerfeuer has 1749058 plays. Diablo Swing Orchestra’s The Butcher’s Ballroom has 2883779 plays.

    Sorry, but your list doesn’t look credible to me.

    • Thanks for the comment, this is my personal hitlist out of the last year. My personal favorite page is jamendo and so most of the things are from this homepage.
      And ofc my personal favorites are not the ones with the most download 🙂

      For the toplist from jamendo watch this post: